Early on, the U.S. Submarine Veteran's of WW II decided that each state would commemorate the loss of at least one submarine lost during World War II.  Each of the 52 boats were designated a lost-boat to a state, with California and New York getting two boats each.  The states were to set up a Memorial to their lost-boat and its Crew.  The USS Albacore (SS-218) is our lost-boat here in Oregon.
Memorials have been erected throughout the country in various forms. There are plaques, torpedo, WWII Submarine Conning Towers, actual restored submarines for visitors and gravestone markers for families of deceased.  The below pictures show the building of the memorial to the Albacore.

ALBACORE with Lt. Cdr. H. R. Rimmer in command, left Pearl Harbor on 24 October 1944, topped off with fuel at Midway on 28 October, and departed there for her eleventh patrol the same day, never to be heard from again. She was to depart her area at sunset on 5 December 1944, and was expected at Midway about 12 December. When she had not been seen, nor heard from by 21 December despite the sharpest of lookouts for her, she was reported as presumed lost.
According to Japanese records captured after the war, a submarine assumed to be ALBACORE struck a mine very close to the shore off northeastern Hokkaido on 7 November 1944. The explosion occurred on 7 November 1944, in latitude 41 degrees-49 minutes N, longitude 141 degrees-11 minutes E while ALBACORE was submerged. A Japanese patrol boat witnessed the explosion of a submerged submarine and saw a great deal of heavy oil, cork, bedding, and food supplies rise to the surface in the area ALBACORE was assumed to have been in.

Crew aboard at time of her loss (85 Officers and Men):

S1 Walter H. Barber Jr. GM2 Kenneth R. Baumer ENS Henry F. Bigelow PhMC Edward R. Blackmon
LT(jg) W.W. Bower MoMM2 Allan R. Brannam RT1 Herbert H. Burch S1 Nicholas J. Cado
MoMM3 John J. Carano MoMM1 Charles L. Carpenter SM2 James L. Carpenter F1 Pasquale C. Carracino
S1 David S. Chapman TM1 Frederick H. Child Jr. FC3 Douglas Childress TM2 Perry A. Collom
MoMM2 Audrey C.Crayton TM3 Jack E. Cugnin EM3 John W.Culbertson EM2 Philip H.  Davis
GM3 Roy E. Davis MM3 Fred W. Day TM3 Julius Delfonso TM2 James L. DeWitt
MoMM1 James T. Dunlap RT3 Carl H. Eskew LT(jg) J.F. FortierJr. S1 Gordon H.Fullilove
MoMM3 John W. Gant EMC John P. Gennett SC1 William H. Gibson LT(jg) J.F. Gilkeson
F1 Charles C. Hall QM3 James K. Harrell SC1 Robert D. Hill F2 Allan D. Hudgins
TM3 Donald P. Hughes TM3 Eugene E. Hutchinson EM2 Burton P. Johnson QM2 Sheridan P. Jones
S1 George Kaplafka S2 Nelson Kelley Jr. SM1 Morris K. Kincaid F1 Victor E. Kinon
MoMM2 Joseph M. Krizanek S2 Arthur S. Kruger LT W.E. Lang Jr. EM3 Jack A. Little
S1 Kenneth W. Manful S1 Patrick K. McKenna SM2 Willie A. McNeill EMC Joseph N. Mercer
GM2 Leonard D. Moss TM2 Richard J. Naudack S1 Encamacion Nevarez S1 Joseph H. Northam
S1 Frank R. Nystrom F1 Robert J. O'Brien TMC Elmer H. Peterson TM2 Charles F. Pieringer Jr.
MoMM1 J.T. Porter S1 Jerrold W. Reed Jr. LT Francis A. Riley LCDR(CO) Hugh R. Rimmer
QMC A.B. Roberts S1 James E. Rowe RMC Philip Shoenthal SC2 George M.Sisk
MoMM2 Joe L. Spratt MoMM3 Harold W. St.Clair MoMMC Arthur L. Stanton EM1 Robert J. Starace
EM2 John H. Stephenson YN2 Maurice C. Strattan MoMM1 Earl R. Tanner EM3 William G. Tesser
RM3 Paul R. Tomich LT(jg) C.E. Traynor Jr. LT(XO) Theodore T.Walker EM2 Elmer Weisenfluh
EM3 James D. Welch MoMM2 Richard A. West MoMM2 Wesley J. Willans F1 Leslie A. Wilmott
RM2 David R. Wood      

The Albacore Memorial Project, PGE service yard: The Beginning September 2008


Veteran's Memorial Park, Beaverton, Oregon: The move November 2008


Veteran's Day Dedication 11 November 2008


Memorial Day 25 May 2009


The finished Product (99%) July 2009

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Fireman 1st Class John Gant wrote a poem and sent it home just prior to leaving on the Albacore's last patrol.  He was promoted to MoMM3 prior to the Albacore loss.  His daughter Nancy wrote this response.  Copies of both Poems were supplied by his daughter Nancy Anne Gant Dillon.  She lost her son, to whom she refers in her poem shortly after writing her response poem.
Victory and How We Get It

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To the Daddy I Never Knew but Loved So Much

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A "Memory Box" was sealed inside the Starboard water feature.  It contains a wide variety of items: The Albacore crew book containing all the records (it is about the size of a telephone book) on the Albacore crew, such as Eternal Patrol page for each man and crew photos, notification reports to Next of Kin, list of all Next of Kin currently known, Sailing report for 11th patrol, etc. It has a Submarine War Patrol Report CD for all the Albacore patrols. A set of the DVD's of the Dedication Ceremonies. A copy of the Book Across the Blue Pacific, written by Louise Borden and dedicated to her uncle, who was the Exec. on board. A set of charts of the loss area off Hokkaido showing the position of loss. Various letters, and artifacts sent by family members. A list of those who worked on and built the memorial. I probably left out a number of other things, but we put anything in there that related to construction of the memorial as well as anything that we had that related to the Albacore and its history. Keith Miller
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